Research & Development

BurkTek takes pride in striving to develop products that are steps ahead of the competition.  Products that move the bar up a notch or two, and have the originality to gain patent protection when desired.  We will work with your team to produce the best developments possible, giving you the best advantage in the market for the least development expense.

Give us your need or your concept.  We can start there and develop around it and provide product proposals from which to choose.

Once the concept is at hand, research may be necessary to:

  • discover contemporary technologies that relate to and support the concept
  • determine whether the concept is original and possibly patentable
  • seek out experts in the field to help assist in proving and perfecting the concept

Prototyping is essential to understanding all factors that might impact a final product’s design.  Frequently, multiple prototypes are necessary, as perfecting a design can be an incremental process.  Steps in the prototyping process include:

  • initial prototype design
  • testing
  • design refinement
  • production prototype design

Some developments we have been responsible for include:

  • Designed and patented multi-tool
  • Designed and developed form-fill-seal  food packaging tooling
  • Designed specialized in-plant production machinery for General Motors
  • Design and construction of process controls for water treatment systems
  • Research and design of anti-tip-over device concept for dump trucks
  • Designed and patented cable, cord and hose organization tool product line
  • Developed refueling equipment for the compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fuel market
  • Designed and patented sanitation sewer and drain cleaning equipment and accessories
  • Designed and patented pick-up truck loading and unloading product
  • Designed and patented specialized temperature controlling and maintaining products for food transport
  • Redesign of roll-up shutter products for fire and emergency vehicles
  • Redesign of ramp products used for city delivery of transported food products

The above items were successfully commercialized and marketed,  some internationally.