Manufacturing Development

If you have no in-house manufacturing capability, we can assist  you in developing a turn key manufacturing system for your product.

This could include:

  • researching and identifying vendors to supply materials and components necessary
  • locating and/or specifying specialized equipment necessary
  • laying out the in-plant manufacturing system for material flow and production



Developments we have been involved in include:

  • Designed and implemented manufacturing of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fueling products
  • Designed and implemented manufacturing of broad line of drain cleaning equipment and accessories
  • Implemented manufacturing system for aluminum roll-up shutters to include the design of specialized machinery to assist production
  • Designed and implemented metal working processes for manufacture of multitool
  • Designed and implemented manufacturing system and facilities for thermoformed line of cable, cord and hose organizers
  • Designed and implemented manufacturing of bulkhead products for food transport to include the design of 7 specialized manufacturing process machines
  • Helicopter manufacturing implementation to include: machine shop operations, canopy thermoforming, air frame construction and welding, composites department layout and systems, packaging of finished components, design of rotor testing equipment and design of computerized manufacturing requirements planning (MRP) system