“It’s just no fun to build less than the best.”

Don Burke, Founder

Our Story

BurkTek Engineering was founded in 1994 by the present owner, Donald Burke,
 to develop, manufacture, and market its own products.

Mr. Burke’s background experience includes product development and manufacturing management.  He has been responsible for the development, manufacturing and, in many cases, marketing of many products.  Several of those products include, but are not limited to:
• Vehicle fueling equipment for the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle fuel market
• Research and design of anti-tip-over device concept for dump trucks
• Designed and patented cable, cord and hose organization tool product line
• Sanitation equipment, components, manufacturing, and marketing for the plumbing industry
• New concept Pick-Up Truck Loading and Unloading product
• Specialized temperature controlling and maintaining products for food transport and delivery
• Roll-up shutter products redesign and manufacturing for Fire and Emergency vehicles
• Ramp products used for city delivery of transported food products
• Multi-tool concept and design marketed to consumers and industry worldwide
• Helicopter manufacturing management, staffing and direction of all aspects of construction
The first products BurkTek developed were for the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle fuel market.  New safety products were developed, patented, and sold into the market.  These were used by The Ford Motor Company at their testing facilities.
Contract engineering projects performed over several years include: • Tooling design for form-fill-seal  food packaging equipment • Specialized in-plant production machinery for General Motors • Design and construction of process controls for manufacturing water treatment systems • Anti Tip-Over device for dump trucks • Cable, cord, and hose organization products.
A sister company, BurkTek Inc., was formed to manufacture and market Cordpro brand cord organizers.  Cordpro products have been produced in-house since 1999.  The products have been successfully marketed to consumers and industry throughout the U.S., Canada, and recently Australia.  Distribution continues to expand today.